Benevolent Thuggery
In serving each other, we serve ourselves

Code of Ethics

Benevolent Thuggery Code of Ethics and Rules

The purpose of the code is to provide guide lines to make the game and the guild as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Mission Statement
Our goal is to conquer the best of the end game content while having fun and helping others to get there. Benevolent Thuggery wants to keep the Family feel of the guild in tact while reaching these goals, we feel that this Family environment is what sets us apart form most other guilds and really enhances the enjoyment of the game. The guild as an entity and fellow guild members are the most important elements of the game. Having a strong guild community opens up many aspects of the game and does make them more enjoyable.

Guild Conduct

General guidelines

Benevolent Thuggery is a guild that helps fellow members. Guildies must understand that in order to improve the guild as a whole, guildies must help each other out with instances, items, or quests

Be respectful of your fellow guildies in chat
We do like to and do have fun in guild chat; there is usually some good nature ribbing going on which is perfectly acceptable (we like to have fun). But please keep in mind that the body language and tone of voice don't always translate in chat as one may have intended, keep this point in mind as the reader and poster. Absolutely not acceptable : F**K and the like in guild/party/raid chat. Making non constructive critical remarks to players regarding their abilities. Any kind of insensitive discussion that could hurt a person or group of people (bases on race, religion, sexual orientation, etc). Please use common sense, we really should not have to spell this out.

Please keep in mind another persons point of view, what may be funny to one may be offensive to another

Conduct outside the guild

Benevolent Thuggery is a proud guild and we want to be known in the community as some of the best players around. Treat players outside of the guild with respect, remember you're wearing the <Benevolent Thuggery> tag under your name and thus you represent the guild when you are out in the world. We have all run into a difficult situation with another player, do not lower yourself to their level, try to walk away or use the /ignore function. You can always contact an officer for advice or help with a situation.

PVP by its nature calls for actions normal frowned upon, Benevolent Thugs conduct battle with honor. Use of emotes such as /spit should never be used, instead engage and defeat the enemy with honor.

Guild Bank

The Guild Bank exists to help the guild as a whole as well as to distribute items of need to its members to assists with quests and equipment. Members should donate as well as take items from the bank.

The officers may decide to sell certain items in the bank in order to increase the guild fund

The Guild bank is a privilege not to be abused, if you abuse the system you risk your membership standing.

Items you receive form the bank are for your use and not to be sold or given to a non-guildie.

If you receive an item from a drop that you obtained earlier from the bank, the item
should be donated to replace what you used and not as a way to make some gold

We use the "honor system" for this. All Toons are to be in BT EXCEPT BANK TOONS that you do not "play" on and other toons you do not play on. Once you join the guild you have 3 weeks (your Initiate rank period) to get all your toons in the guild. If you have an inactive alt that you begin to start playing on, please join them to the guild. Please note that it is not acceptable to keep ANY of your toons in any other guild for any reason.

Toons not played for 30 days will be removed from the guild. If at some point, all your toons are removed for inactivity, then you will be officially removed from the guild on the BT-Aion website. To avoid having your membership status revoked, if you plan to return to Aion and simply need a leave of absence; Post here on the forums and your guild membership will be changed to "Member on Leave". This will allow you continued access to the member’s only portions of the website. A "Member on Leave" will remain so for 6 months without contact from the member. If after six months, they have not either rejoined the guild in game or posted on the forums requesting to extend the leave of absence, their membership status will be changed to "non-member".

When a "member on leave" is ready to return to Aion, they will be reinvited in game and their website status will be changed to "Member".

Leaving the Guild
Benevolent Thuggery will not be for everyone. From time to time, we actually have people leave the guild for one reason or another. We do ask that if you choose to leave, that you show the Courtesy of speaking to an officer first. Doing so will leave the door open for you to return in the future. Should you leave BT and then wish to return, you will need to reapply. The Officers will review the matter and be in touch with you.