Benevolent Thuggery
In serving each other, we serve ourselves

Who are the Thugs?

Who is Benevolent Thuggery and where are we headed

Before deciding to become a Thug, it is important to make sure we are a good match for each other.

The Thugs are made up of mostly adults(30+), many married and with children. We do not use vulgar language or excessive cussing (ok, maybe a little during PvP . We treat others with respect. Since all members are wearing our guild tag, we expect everyone to conduct themselves in a manner that all members can be proud of.

The founders of Benevolent Thuggery met back in 2003-2004 playing Star Wars Galaxies (Kettemoor Server- guild name “Order”). Our goal is to experience end game content in PVE and what there is in PVP. We are historically an active Guild with our own vent server. Group leveling, questing and PvP is a daily occurrence. As our Guild and its members level, we will be very active in Raiding and anything else available in game. Though we are serious about our progression, real life comes first. We will experience end game content, but we will not be the first guild on the server to do so. We will progress at a pace that is comfortable for the majority of our members.

We are not a role playing Guild, but we welcome all play styles that are not offensive or harmful to others. We want everyone to play so that they get the most enjoyment out of the game. It is up to each member if he or she wants to Role Play and there is never any harm in offering to share other play styles with your friends.

Rift: Guardian
Star Wars Old Republic Planned Alliance Affiliation: Empire

AGE REQUIREMENTS 25 years old and up.
Between 19-25 Depending on the current needs of the Guild and how well the applicant is known to the Guild, applicants between 19 to 25 will be handled on a case by case basis. Applicant will need to make a concerted effort to group with members and officers for a month or two. There is no set time limit, but when the officers feel they know the applicant well enough to determine if they will be a good fit, they will make a decision on whether to invite the applicant.

Who WILL fit in?
1. Mature, respectful individuals that know how to conduct themselves in social situations of mixed company
2. People that can have fun without the need for vulgar or obscene language and actions
3. Willing to help their fellow members and participate in Guild events
4. Desires to do end game activities but is willing to work with the Guild as we grow to achieve this goal.
5. Enjoys PvP(even if you are "pvp challenged" ), smaller group runs as well as the larger raids.
6. Willing to use our Ventrilo voice server to communicate during raids (even if you do not have a mic and can only listen). The majority of the members use Vent to form groups, ask for help, offer help etc.... The sad fact is that many of us are too lazy to type everything
7. Those that are looking to make friends and stick around through not only the good times, but also those times when we face challenging obstacles blocking our path to our Guild's long term goals.
8. Those that have limited time to play and cannot commit to a lot of raiding/play time.
9. Those that play all day and night; we have some members that substitute Gaming for sleep.

Who will NOT fit in?
1. Immature people, regardless of age.
2. Those who freely cuss in chat or on voice server or use inappropriate words out of context.
3. Those that prefer to not participate in social interaction with Guild-mates.
4. Those that DO NOT understand the concept of delayed gratification. We will progress at a pace that is comfortable for our membership and allows real life to come first. If you want to be in the biggest, strongest Guild and have the best gear 'NOW NOW NOW', this is not the Guild for you.
5. Guild hoppers
6. People that have trouble following rules and taking instruction during raids
7. Anyone that reads our CODE OF ETHICS and feels they could not abide by them.
8. Anyone that doesn't want to read our code of ethics and loot rules and fill out our Guild application before getting an invite to the Guild.

Benevolent Thuggery is made up of people from across the USA and several from Canada. Most of the members are in Pacific and Eastern time zones. We will play on an East Coast Server. However, we will schedule the majority of our raids and guild events on the weekend so that everyone can participate. The Guild is most active Monday-Friday between the hours of 4pm-9pm Pacific Time (7pm- midnight Eastern) and all day on the weekends.